• Andy

November 11 下北沢 Workshop - 5 Lines

A small workshop today, but so glad to have some of our strongest Returning Champions to welcome a New Challenger! We built on last month's 3-line-scenes - turning them into 5-line-scenes. This time we were experimenting with genre, change, emotion, and physical key words (tight, loose, heavy, light, straight, curved, etc.) The quick sketches created by the actors explored about a hundred different ways to approach a piece of dialogue to be impressive and interesting.

After the break, we worked two parts of a famous scene in Glengarry Glen Ross. The scene put all the things we'd practiced in the first part of the workshop into practice. Turns, confusion, shock, straightness, a curved approach, comedy and drama. Put it all in. Make it hard for your partner and they will thank you.

Looking forward to December!