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October 9 下北沢 Workshop

A terrible rainy morning. Trains delayed. And yet . . . we made it!

We started off with a deceptively tricky piece of work that asks one character to change and the other character to assist. Doing that purely with words is very, very difficult. So we went into actions that can help. After a time with that we visited the six basic expressions Scott McCloud illustrated in his amazing Understanding Comics book. Here's a link to a blog with some of the pages copied to it. (I hope Mr. McCloud is okay with it...)

After the break we took on a scene from Hannah and her Sisters. Again, there was a lot going on under the surface of this scene and it helped a great deal to use action during the first part to give extra power to the second. Tough stuff, but great results.

Still too busy, I'm afraid, to add any additional workshops these days. We'll try to get restarted in 永山 and add more to 下北沢 if interest is out there just as soon as my schedule gets less crazy.

Looking forward to November!

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