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January 8 - first 下北沢 Workshop of 2017!

On a very gray day it was good to be in Good Heavens - our home in 下北沢 for the first Act in 英語 Workshop of the year! 10:00 is early and our returning champions dribbled in with various degrees of "on time". No matter! We got off to a roaring start working out how to insert some conflict in a blank scene about feeling lonely (maybe) and scared (definitely).

After the break we worked on scenes from the movie Soapdish and the play Orphans. Both scenes had characters that used emotions to manipulate the other character. The real challenge is setting it up in tone, emotion, and physical relationship so that the manipulation looks natural. Both scenes were absurd. One was very dark. (The clip from Orphans below is just before the scene we did.)

Looking forward to February! We'll be on regularly the second Sunday of every month at Good Heavens. Hope to see you there!

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