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February 12 - 下北沢 Workshop is Scary

A nice big group today gave us plenty of people to inspire great work. Glad to have several new challengers and happy that our returning champions are so friendly and helpful. I had a great time and found it hard to leave!

We started out with a blank scene that appears to be about fear. Or many some other emotion. But it was really about a relationship. One character was invalidating the feelings of the other. Said it was weird to have those feelings. Terrible. Why would they do that? Are they a horrible person? Or could they be doing what's best...?

After the break we ran a couple of scenes from Ten Meter Tower and one from The Still Alarm. All the work was similar and it was fun to compare what worked for each group. Body language and stage picture were very important as we tried to communicate the fear that all of the characters tried to overcome. Some succeeded. Some failed. Very fun!

A lot of us hung around for a while enjoying things off the Good Heavens menu and chatting about story and acting and finding work and funding a movie and.... It got a little crazy. Really looking forward to next month!

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