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October 21 永山 Workshop - Look!

After lots of requests, we decided to give the 永山 Act in 英語 Workshops another go! Unfortunately, attendance was nearly non-existent. We had a good workshop, but can't justify continuing in 永山 without more people coming. We sure would like to get these going again and hope that some of our returning champions will make the trek out for an additional workshop each month - or that they can recommend the workshop to some new challengers....

We worked a blank scene in which one character tried to get the other to turn around and see something. Good practice for those three questions:

1) What is happening? This is the most basic level and it is the first thing people want to know about a story. In this case, what is it that one character wants to show the other.

2) Why is it happening? This is a more advanced level. If this is done well, the audience feels there is a logic to the story and can get more involved. Most scenes don't get beyond this point. Why does one character want to show something to the other? Why not just say what it is? Why does one character not want to turn and look?

3) How is it happening? This is where the actor's work really takes off. Different pairs could all do identical versions of what and why but their how will always be unique. If it is thoughtful and each actor supports the other, how becomes the most memorable part of a performance. In this case, how does one character get the other to look?

After the break we worked a scene from Hannah and her Sisters in which one character thinks he might be dying. Even though he knows he isn't. This is very challenging and led to a lot of talk about mental illness and coping mechanisms. Specifically OCD, unwanted thoughts, and feeling most comfortable when you are in a full panic.

We had a really good time and I very much hope we'll get the chance to try all this again. Until next time champs and challengers . . . act more, act better!

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