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November 12 下北沢 Workshop - Pause

Very surprised to have such low attendance today! Perhaps our returning champs were out there enjoying the beautiful day. Couldn't blame anybody for that! We plunged on ahead and had a very good time.

We started out with a simple activity and the idea of pausing it - reacting to something - then restarting. When working with a partner, this simple pause takes on a great deal of significance. We moved on to teaching the activity to a partner with unpredictable results. We ended with the "dark night of the soul" or "all is lost" moment from many movies and plays in which our hero is unable to do their activity the usual way and is forced to pause before changing. As usual, this all started out very simple but ramped up quickly into very tricky territory.

After a quick break (we were running long in the first part) we took on part of Ten Meter Tower. The characters pausing before they take the plunge - or don't! - is the very moment of fear that we need to clarify. It makes scenes suddenly come alive when we see characters struggling. They know that they can do the scary thing, but they still can't do it. Or maybe they do..? A friend might help them. Or be unable to.

We'll be back December 10 for sure. Still working out the New Year's schedule, so we can't post the January date yet. Hope to see you there!

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