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March 11 下北沢 Workshop - Desire Paths

A smaller workshop today with two returning champions welcoming two new challengers. Spring allergies were in full force, but we got right to it.

We started out with a demonstration of how we can take any two events and link them into a story. We are, after all, store machines. People love stories and often link things even if they have no real connection. This is especially important to remember when you are performing and audiences are watching your every move for something they think is important.

Then we got to the heart of things by practicing what happens naturally to create desire paths. Desire paths are areas where people walk because they really want to - even when they know they are not supposed to. And people do this all the time with their behavior. They know what they are supposed to do, but they cut corners and create desire paths.

We linked everything up with a series of short encounters where people naturally put stories together, linked things, and created desire paths of behavior.

After the break we worked on a scene from a recent episode of the podcast The Truth.

We have used parts of several of their stories and really recommend that you listen when you have the chance. The two versions of this scene that we created showed some very different approaches to the little hints and symbols that the actors can put in to create uncertainty and a sense of danger into the scene.

Looking forward to next month and hope to see you there!

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