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June 10 下北沢 Workshop - Fefu

A strange day!

We ended up with a lot of cancellations and no-shows today and all the plans went out the window. Which left us to do scene study with a couple of returning champions and a special surprise visit from an old returning champ who just wanted to see what everyone was up to.

And what we were up to was Fefu and her Friends. This is a very strange and wonderful feminist play about a group of women in England and how they make their way in a world where their choices are few and to act out marks you as strange. Or gets you hurt.

We were able to go deep on my favorite early scene from the play. Lots of emotions concentrated in a couple of minutes. Big choices to make on just a few lines. Something wonderful and something horrible in each character.

Here's the whole play in a historic house. Follow it if you can...

We had a lot of fun.

Looking ahead to July when we hope everybody can really join us!

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