July 8 下北沢 Workshop - Fun and Games

Welcomed a couple of new challengers to Act in 英語 today! They fit right in and we got straight to work. First by choosing emotions to let into our interactions, trying to stop them, and (finally) failing. Then we got to looking for a lighter - both for real and then pretending - as ourselves and then in character. Finally we hit on moving something with a partner - discovering how that changes depending on what we're moving and how we feel about our partner.

After the break we revisited Fefu and Her Friends,

took a little scene from Key Exchange,

and went through three versions of a relationship in Margot at the Wedding.

Each scene had very different challenges but all of them presented opportunities to show the audience something special.

We wrapped up with quite a long discussion (I talked to much) about teaching acting. A returning champ joined us just for that - good to have him back in Japan!

We will, indeed, be back in August. Hope to see you then!

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