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September 9 下北沢 Workshop - Lies

So happy to have people coming out for workshops even in this horrible hear and humidity! Our returning champs welcomed a new challenger and a champ returning after something like a six-year absence. Always good to see people again!

We started off telling truths and lies. Then sat and copied and generally tried to make lies look like truth. Eventually getting so far from things as to create very dramatic scenes with only a few words - and a lot of commitment.

After the break we went back to an old favorite: The Duck Variations. We worked a couple of different scenes with very different challenges as we tried to push each other and fight hard to find the points where we don't want to fight anymore - we want to hug each other. Or the characters do, at any rate.

We ended up with lots of great talk about new things going on for people. So much happening!

Looking forward to getting together with more of our returning champs next month. Hope to see you in a (hopefully) cooler October.

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