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December 9 下北沢 Workshop - 7 Lines

Our last workshop of 2018 and we were happy to welcome another pair of new challengers! Our returning champs took good care of them and we all got some good work done.

We continued to expand our dialogue work, but first we got started with presents. Every line is a present you give your partner. You don't know for sure how they will receive it - or even what they think the present really is. You just have to pass it as best you can and hope they receive it as you like. Of course, if they don't, that just gives you something more to act with...

We moved on to variations on 7 line scenes. These expanded on the same dialogues we worked with over the last two months. This time we tried to build on surprise, speaking with action, and giving something to your partner. The scenes were all over the place and everyone got to work with everyone else.

After the break we worked on a sketch - Gussett and Rose - that let us take the first hour's work and expand on it in a funny way. Every combination of players led to different challenges and different solutions. Characters, locations, and even motivations could change drastically from one to the other.

Good Heavens has confirmed we will be back in January and we are already looking forward to it!

Hope you all have great holidays and that you can start 2019 off with us at Act in 英語!

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