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January 13 下北沢 Workshop - 9 Lines

Bit of a slow start back from the holidays as our returning champs shuffled in a bit late. Very understandable as we're all getting back into the swing of things in the new year - and because it was cold! But shuffle in we did and the workshops for 2019 got going in earnest.

We started off with some work on simple lying. Saying one thing while thinking another. Expanded that out with actions and indicators that more is going on than what is being said in the scene. To work in that direction we relied on an expansion of the same scenes we've looked at for several months. Now up to 9 lines, the scenes are becoming even more complicated and challenging to work with. We checked in on everyone's work and the performances were very fun.

We went straight into a scene from Ten Little Indians (aka And Then There Were None) which I'd been working with yesterday in Japanese. The challenge: two characters complaining with and to each other while showing very clearly that they love each other. The added challenge: show the audience that one or both of them might have killed somebody - and might be capable of doing it again. Tough, tough stuff and...

I have to admit that we just plain ran out of time. Guests were ready to come in to Good Heavens (our kind hosts) so we had to cut things shorter than I'd have liked. Still, some really good work and we were headed in the right direction.

Great conversation after the workshop as we caught up with a returning champ we haven't seen in quite some time and got to talk about another returning champ's recent production.

All very fun and we're looking forward already to February. Hope to see you there!

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