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June 9 下北沢 Workshop - Take It

A very small workshop today, but we are always happy to explore.

We started with a simple matter of information learned and forgotten. Then we moved on to work on getting what you want and giving what you want. This led us to think about the problems when people disagree about who will take a thing and the bigger problem of . . . too many problems. When your partner offers a solution, it is better to take it and move on to the next scene instead of fighting endlessly over solutions.

We applied this immediately to a short scene with one character complimenting the other. Is the compliment really meant or is it a lie? Is the compliment something that a character wants to take or is it something they refuse? The different variations on this all bring different flavors to the scene.

After the break we used a scene from The Duck Variations to show that it really doesn't matter what the characters are fighting about - just that they feel it intensely. The results were funny and very involving.

Looking ahead to July!

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