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November 下北沢 Workshop - Houses

It was so good to get back into the workshop swing of things after missing out in October for the rugby games.

We had a couple of returning champions welcome a couple of new challengers today and everyone helped everyone else achieve more. We started off with simple actions you take coming home. These expanded to a group-built house, scenarios, and finally having the home be the location for a blank scene. The key is working together to build a place that is not real to anyone, but is believably real to everyone. Then letting the language play out even if it has nothing to do with that place.

After the break we worked a sketch called "Ticket to Birmingham" and a bit from The Truth's "Blood Manor". As always, the key is not getting stuck in the language, but focusing on playing the scene. If you are worried about pronouncing a word perfectly, you won't be able to act the moment. When we got more real, the scenes took off.

We're looking forward to what our December workshop might bring. Hope to see you there!

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