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December 2020 下北沢 Workshop - Returning Champs

It was so good to be back! We missed November due to a family emergency - our apologies, again, for the inconvenience!

We closed out 2020 with a trio of returning champions. It was so good to talk about what everyone has been up to. Television and movie productions are going forward in Japan. Everyone is trying to stay safe. We remained masked and kept distanced throughout the workshop.

We worked a couple of blank scenes. The first to really drill in on what you do when you are uncomfortable. The scene worked especially well for masked people as the characters may or may not actually recognize each other. After sitting in discomfort for a while, we swapped over to a simpler blank scene to play with speed and vocal tone as ways to shift your character or demonstrate emotion with technique.

After the break we ran a scene from 500 Days Of Summer.

It's a long scene and we approached it in sections to get through it. By the end we could run the whole thing a few times and try to really work the reactions that can help your fellow actors focus their performances.

We had great conversation after the workshop and hope to get right back out there in 2021.

Wishing you all a very happy New Year!


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