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September 2020 下北沢 Workshop - don't think

It was such a joy to get back to a workshop!

Our last real workshop was in February! Today we finally returned with three participants - two returning champions and one new challenger. We were all masked up and kept our distance. Aired out the space during the break. And it was a bit rough, but I think we were all very glad to be there.

We started off with a few games to free up your brain to react without thinking. What are you doing? is a simple circle game that challenges you to do one thing and lie about it. To take what someone says and instantly start doing it. Not easy.

We found plenty of objects in an imaginary warehouse. Reaching out and picking something up and naming it without ever deciding what it will be. No planning! Then made it harder on ourselves by adding emotional components - surprise, fear, disgust, sadness, anger, and joy - to the finding. Trying to stay really open to whatever comes our way.

We had just a little time for a blank scene where the "what" could be interpreted in many different ways.

In the second half we worked a scene from one of our favorite podcasts - "Rideshare" from The Truth - and switched up characters for extra challenge. Sure, the scene is crazy and the characters are dead, but how they react to that is what the audience is hooking into. Finding the change in the scene from three people with their own agendas to three people all on the same page.

We will plan on another workshop for next month. And hope to get back to a regular schedule just as soon as possible.

Stay safe! Act more! Act better!


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