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参加資格 高校生以上


Act in 英語ワークショップは基本的には英語で行われます。英語に自信のない方も英語で演じてみたい気持ちさえあれば大歓迎です。Andy Utech はほとんど英語の話せない俳優さん達にも英語での演技を教えてきました。


Act in Eigo is acting workshops open to everyone from highschoolers to senior citizens. Our returning champions are professionals, amateurs, and hobbyists who want to practice acting in English without the high cost and time commitments of most English acting courses.

Each Act in Eigo acting workshop is a drop-in affair. You can't graduate or move to the next level. Our workshops are aimed at folks who want a chance to practice when they have time. To hang out with like-minded folks - and maybe make some connections. And to act more, act better.

Come on in and give it a try!

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