Back at 永山

We were back in action in 永山 this evening with a small group full of questions and comments and ideas. We worked with a device to generate interest in a character - a mysterious statement about past followed by a mysterious statement about an event. We showed how this could work for either main character in a scene and that it could apply to any genre. After the break we worked through the dramatic silliness of a scene from The Princess Bride. There are a lot of words to say in this scene but they really just serve to build up tension. Tricky to do, but very rewarding. We hope to return to it after our returning champions have a chance to practice a bit. No workshop at the end of July, I'm a

The 鴨 Variations Nearly Full Flock

Train trouble thwarted our attempt to get everybody together at the same time for rehearsal. That will have to wait until next week. But we had so much fun! Can't wait to bring this to an audience. One scene made a cast member jump up and say "WHAT?!" because he hadn't seen it before. I hope everyone does that!

A 50/50 下北 Workshop

A bit if an odd day. We were expecting a couple of new challengers but they never showed. A returning champ from a couple of years ago made an unexpected entrance. And one of our steady champs of recent months slept through the whole thing. Interesting. We managed a good amount of work on movement as communication tool and brought it up and down in scale for stage work and camera work. After the break we hit a scene from 50/50. Tricky stuff - comedy and cancer is a tough combination. Next month we'll be moving to the second Sunday of each month at 下北沢 at Good Heavens. A very busy summer for Andy and frankly impossible to handle the first Sunday. Hope to see both our missing new challengers a

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