Tsumagoi Private Workshop

Happy to be out for another private Act in 英語 Workshop today. Went out to 掛川 for an event at the Tsumagoi hotel and sports and music and activities and . . . a lot of things . . . location. A very excited group of 22 plus the event organizers. Three hours working on the essential question words (who, what, where, when, why, how) expressed through games, scenarios, and a script. Lots of great participation and hopes from all that we can do it again next year. This marks three years with this group and we are very, very happy to see them again.

下北沢 Act in 英語 7月10日

Our new time - 10:00-12:00 - was, indeed, confusing. Two returning champions came for the workshop on time and two more showed up at 12:00 - too late to participate but in time to sit down for something to eat and conversation. We hope to have everyone on board for our next 下北沢 workshop 8月14日 again 10:00-12:00. Our mighty duo ran through a blank scene to figure out how to react to the MacGuffin - Alfred Hitchcock's term for the plot device that gets the action started - and to each other. The scenes were fun, silly, interesting, and finally quite thoughtful. After the break we ran a scene from Ordinary People. A very tricky bit of business as it appears light on the surface and desperately s

The 鴨 Variations wraps

We had our last performance of The 鴨 Variations today. All taken, we ended up selling exactly as many tickets as we figured was our maximum. A couple of oversold shows and a couple just under and it all added up to exactly right. Reactions were very good. Many people expressed bewilderment about what the play's story might have been (there wasn't really one) but great interest in individual relationships and stories. And that was exactly what we'd hoped for. So a lot of hopes were realized. Looking forward to our next work - probably a collaboration. We're working out the details now... Until then, hope to see returning champs and new challengers at next week's 下北沢 Act in 英語 Workshop 10:00 -

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