October 21 永山 Workshop - Look!

After lots of requests, we decided to give the 永山 Act in 英語 Workshops another go! Unfortunately, attendance was nearly non-existent. We had a good workshop, but can't justify continuing in 永山 without more people coming. We sure would like to get these going again and hope that some of our returning champions will make the trek out for an additional workshop each month - or that they can recommend the workshop to some new challengers.... We worked a blank scene in which one character tried to get the other to turn around and see something. Good practice for those three questions: 1) What is happening? This is the most basic level and it is the first thing people want to know about a story. In

October 8 下北沢 Workshop - Presents

A nice mix of returning champions - many of whom had never met before - and a new challenger! Many people very busy recently working on projects both in and out of the acting world. As always, keep us up to date and we will cross post to our facebook page. We worked on a wide variety of presents games in order to work on being present in scenes. The basic game is popular with improvisers. (Here it is on the Improv Encyclopedia.) We worked on variations to adjust for who you are and where you are and what expectations you might have and - well - a lot of different variations. The important thing to focus on is that you don't have to think or to plan, just react to the present your partner giv

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