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Golden Week at Good Heavens

We weren't sure anybody would come to today's 下北沢 workshop at Good Heavens because Golden Week has just started. It was wonderful to have a new challenger join some returning champions for an exciting and busy couple of hours.

We ran a blank scene through the basic facial expressions Scott McCloud introduced in Understanding Comics as basic approaches to the scene. We then mixed them and ran them a couple at a time. We were always, always looking for the change in a scene (at least one) that makes the scene important and interesting to the audience.

You can check out the expressions with a Google search or try them out here at Grimace (also available for download...)

Scott McCloud's Six Basic Expressions

After the break we worked on scenes from Taking Leave and Split. Each had strong emotions shown and hidden emotions that were revealed through the scene. Good work all around!

On a final note, it was wonderful to have our returning champion Saki in attendance. As many of you know, she is from 熊本 flies into 東京 once a month for a few things including our workshop. We're so glad that she and all of her family made it through the recent earthquakes all right.

We're looking ahead to our next workshops: 永山 on the last Sunday of May and 下北沢 on the first Sunday of June. The next 下北沢 workshops are still being scheduled because Andy's schedule is a bit of a mess. This includes a new Act in Productions project we will be sharing with you soon...

Until next time!

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