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September 11 workshop in 下北沢 - We're back!

After a wonderful vacation in Chicago, it was good to get back into Act in 英語! Our monthly workshop in 下北沢 was visited by a couple of new challengers today - another got sick, and another asked about the workshop in an email this afternoon - so we're happy to have some newbies alongside our returning champions.

Today we used a blank scene with an ambiguous beginning and a very challenging ending in order to look for variations that might make sense. We used all our senses and played with emotional changes to try to find a solution. Good results with the blank scene took us into 128 seconds where we distilled a scene down and down to a simple essence. Too much fun.

After the break we took on a scene from Up in the Air. This was tough stuff with neither character very likable but both very human. In the end, I think everyone sort of liked their not very good people.

​​After the workshop we talked about what our new challengers were up to and shared information about what's happening around town. Good times and good food and drink.

Already looking ahead to next month. We're hoping to add 永山 back into our schedule just as soon as my personal schedule calms down a bit. Hope to see you!

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