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November 13 下北沢 - Returning Champs!

So nice to have some long-lost returning champions return and be champions! We welcomed a new challenger as well and enjoyed the heck out of the beautiful autumn weather.

We worked three-line scenes for quick establishment of location, time, relationship, and conflict. Our focus was on getting to the meat of a scene right away - not waiting to set up something later. People mixed and matched and made some really interesting scene beginnings.

After the break we worked scenes from Fight Club and High Fidelity. Both scenes had a weird take on negotiation. The audience laughs at how unusual the negotiations are, so the actors have to work hard to make it seem possible - even logical - no matter how strange things get.

We enjoyed food, drinks and conversation after and hope to all get together again next month at Good Heavens - our home in 下北沢 every second Sunday. Hope to see you there, too!

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