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March 12 下北沢 Workshop - Moments

Great to welcome another good-sized group of returning champions and a couple of new challengers to Act in 英語! We ran through games focused on practicing skills for making offers, reacting, controlling, and sensing what your partner needs. We exchanged Presents (offering something and reacting to what it was) before doing a variety of Columbian Hypnosis (hand control) exercises to find just how far you could go with a partner (or partners) and still have a workable scene.

After the break we worked on a scene from Tea And Sympathy and another from The Age Of Pie. TaS offered a realistic scene with a series of long moments with an opportunity to make offers, react, and try to control your partner throughout the scene. TAoP is much less realistic and the reactions had to come much, much faster - often after just a word or two. The different versions of each scene showed people trying to get the most out of each one and working their way toward success.

Looking ahead to April. The weather should be beautiful then!

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