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January 14 下北沢 Workshop - Foolish

So good to be back at Act in 英語! We welcomed the new year with returning champions and a new challenger and got very, very foolish.

In the first part of the workshop we worked on a progression of skill challenges:

  1. Do something you can do easily - without thinking.

  2. Do that easy thing, but do it with difficulty. You know how to do it, but your character doesn't.

  3. Do something that is difficult for you to do.

  4. Do that difficult thing, but do it easily. You don't know how to do it, but your character does.

  5. Do something that's easy for you to do, but is difficult for your character, but you character has to act like it's easy...

  6. Do something that's difficult for you to do, but is easy for your character, but your character has to act like it's difficult...

As you can see, the progression starts simple, but ends very, very challenging.

After the break, we applied that immediately to a script I worked on with some of our returning champions from Waseda University, Foolsby Neil Simon. Fools is a very tricky piece to do because many of the characters think they are stupid, but are not actually stupid. We had a lot of fun with it.

Looking forward to more workshops in 2018!

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