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August 12 下北沢 Workshop - Presenting

Act in 英語 often takes August off for vacation. Not this year. This year we all came out in the heat and the humidity and found some relief in the air conditioned welcome of our hosts at Good Heavens.

We started out using playing cards to randomly determine how each person believed their status to be. Through interactions we tried to work out how each person thought of themselves. Then we turned the tables and used the cards to indicate how the world saw us and tried to work out the status the world thought us to be. Finally we played with both sides - what we felt inside and what we showed the world. Discovering how one's inner feelings can make you attracted to the outside another person presents - or be afraid to talk to them even though you might be a perfect match. The audience loves to see a discrepancy between these two numbers.

We went on to give presents in a circle. First of all just presents. Then presents that were terribly disappointing. Then presents that were a delightful surprise. Because every moment in a scene is a present you give your partner or a present your partner is giving you. Each has a reaction. And the best moments are when we are delighted or appalled at what we find handed to us.

After the break we took on a couple of scenes from a recent episode of "The Truth" podcast. Security guards looking for a sense of grandeur in a miserable job. A second date that leads to terrible disappointment and shock on both sides.

We ended up passing around information about contacts for auditions for Japan and abroad. Our returning champs are always generous with how much they share.

Looking forward to September!

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