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October 14 下北沢 Workshop - 3 Lines

Happy to welcome more new challengers! Our returning champs are always friendly and helpful. I couldn't be more proud.

We started off by using a new sent of 3-line-scenes to explore the what, why, and how of scenes. That's understanding what is said, working out a reason why anybody would say those things (and only those things), and then figuring out how to make it compelling to watch. Lots of fun. Lots of mistakes. Mistakes help us learn. So lots of learning.

After the break we worked scenes from "When Harry Met Sally" and "The Passport Office" (a sketch) in which the same what, why, and how were essential to showing something more than your reading skill. Some lovely work.

Also announced auditions for "And Then There Were None" which I'll be directing next year. Auditions next month. Check our main webpage for a link to details.

Already looking forward to November!

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