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February 10 下北沢 Workshop - Choose


Happy to have it. More happy that it didn't stop new a bunch of new challengers from coming out and joining our returning champions! A great mix today with plenty of support and enthusiasm.

We started off doing the simplest sort of thing. Then worked on making the choice to do something. Then changing one's mind. Then deciding not to do something. Then we put together scenes in which each character had to make a choice to say what was written on the page. Maybe they didn't want to say that. Maybe they really did, but it was hard to say. The clear underlying choice is what made each of those scenes important and interesting - not what was written in the script.

After the break we tried to implement what we had just done with scenes from Let Me In, The Princess Bride, and Lars and the Real Girl. In each scene the characters struggle with what to say - even though it is clear to the actors what they will have to day. It was challenging and interesting. And some really good stuff came out of it.

We all hung out after the workshop to talk about scripts and meet each other and talk about what other workshop opportunities are out there.

Looking forward to March!

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