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Aug and Sept 下北沢 Workshops

Looks like I completely forgot to update the blog last month!

August's workshop was small but we added people in September and were very happy to welcome another new challenger. We used short blank scenes over the last two workshops to encourage looking at the same material in very different ways. The difference between comedy and tragedy, plain and bizarre, fun and painful - everything can be done with little changes of tone and body language without adding or subtracting a single word.

We also used affirmative and negative words to add to a short dialogue to steer the emotion more easily. This built up to one of our favorite activities: Yes, No, Please, Banana.

We worked on scenes from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 50/50, and Soapdish. In each case we focused on the subtle changes that take a pretty good scene and make it amazing. Many times this is simply a matter of timing, a shift of posture, or a tone the audience was not expecting.

Sad to say there will be no October Act in 英語 due to the Rugby World Cup. Our hosts at Good Heavens need to be open for the many rugby fans. We will return the second Sunday in November. Hope to see you there!

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