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December 下北沢 Workshop - Gifts

Our final workshop of 2019 and it was a good one! All returning champs this time - several we haven't seen in a while - and everyone fell right in to helping each other succeed.

We started with visualizations of giving the perfect gift, receiving it, and then receiving a gift we didn't want. This moved on to giving each other gifts that had to be named and considered. Everything tied up with multiple layers of expectation and resolution. We applied that immediately to a blank scene that presented an opportunity for a gift that could be received in many different ways.

After the break we took on scenes from August: Osage County. Here we found ways for the characters to move and talk that fit the overall story while surprising us in how they handled the smaller moments. Really great work!

We sat around and talked holidays and acting and what it means to be or have a child . . . we get pretty out there after these workshops.

Everyone was asking about January's workshop and I'm happy to update our schedule today. The next three workshops will be:

January 12

February 9

March 8

Hope to see you there!

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