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October 2020 下北沢 Workshop - Unexpected Private

After rescheduling twice, it wasn't much of a surprise that attendance was low. But one person? That was a surprise. No matter, we always say "You come, we work." So today ended up an unexpected private lesson for one of our returning champions.

We ran a blank scene with repeated language - finding variations on the two key words: "weird" and "yeah". We ran techniques to practice more positive, negative, and ambiguous scenes. Then we played up the tone and timing to create additional mystery and tension. Finally, we ran different genres and added imaginary third parties to see how the scene naturally played out differently under different circumstances.

After the break, we tackled one of our favorites: Dolly and Dr. Pepper from the Ravenswood section of Bad Habits. Finding the comedy and building the tension was a lot of fun and we used props and blocking to further add levels to the final work.

We're planning on coming back in November - November 8 to be exact - and hope to see more of our returning champions and new challengers then!


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